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Student Leadership Program

Your style of leadership is just as unique as you. But what’s your style exactly? LeadSJC is a comprehensive leadership program designed to help you hone your leadership skills and help you succeed in the classroom and your career.

4 Themes. 1 Goal.

In the LeadSJC program, you’ll explore four core elements, each tailored to help you unleash your inner leader.
  1. Career and Transfer

    Your experience at San Jacinto College is just your first step. Get prepared to make the most of your next one.

  2. Well-Being

    Leadership starts and ends with self-care. Explore ways to form healthy habits for your body and mind.

  3. Community Engagement

    Leadership means leaving your community better than you found it. Learn how to be a leader for your people.

  4. Civic Engagement

    Today’s world needs leaders like you. Discover what it takes to make meaningful change.

Interested in the LeadSJC Program?

Contact us! Join your fellow leaders for a monthly orientation session or a regular meet-up.

North Campus

Location: North Campus Student Center (N12.104)
Phone: 281-459-7167

Central Campus

Location: Central Campus Student Center (C14.100)
Phone: 281-476-1877

South Campus

Location: South Campus Student Center (S11.115)
Phone: 281-929-4633


Generation Park

Location: Generation Park Campus Academic Building (G2.101)
Phone: 281-459-7678