San Jacinto College serves the communities of East Harris County, Texas. We do this while upholding values like excellence and collaboration that allow our students to succeed. Learn more about who we are as a school and faculty and what we have accomplished over the years.

Circling Back

Lots of people get to San Jac and find out they want to be more than students. Many stay on and end up employed here.
Captain Amy Arrowood
Part of the joy of being an instructor is seeing the outcomes of our program. I love when a student lands a job and they circle back to let us know how they are doing. It’s a great feeling when you see passion for the industry spark in a student and they see it through.”
Captain Amy Arrowood
Director, Maritime Credit Program
Captain Amy Arrowood served in the U.S. Coast Guard before she started working with San Jac in 2014. She is an embodiment of what the College stands for—community. Our faculty and staff invest in our students’ success even after they graduate.

Who’s on Campus?

students college-wide.
countries represented in our student body.
of our student body is of Hispanic or Latino origin.
College Foundation Student

The Power to Dream Big

The San Jacinto College Foundation
The San Jacinto College Foundation invests in our students’ dreams. The Foundation offers support through scholarships, emergency funding, and more. Learn more about all the good the Foundation does. Or get involved today!

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