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Campus Life Resources

San Jacinto College is proud to provide an inclusive and supportive environment where our students can thrive academically and personally. We offer a variety of resources and services that enhance our students’ college experiences. Check out our campus life resources below. 

Student Resources

San Jacinto College Students
Your student ID is the key to unlocking several resources, services, and events at San Jac. Learn more about what you need to secure yours!
Parking permits
Did you know that parking permits are FREE at San Jac? Check out which parking permit is right for you. 
San Jacinto College Students

Student Handbook

From student rights to campus guidelines, our handy student handbook features up-to-date information on resources and services available at San Jac.

We’re Here to Help!

Attending college can be both an exciting and overwhelming experience. Fortunately, we offer a range of support resources to help you succeed academically and professionally. To maximize your experience at San Jac, take advantage of our support services.

Academic Support

Whether you’re a freshman adjusting to college-level work or a dual credit student looking to boost your GPA, our academic support resources are here to help you thrive academically. 

Career Support

San Jac offers valuable resources to help you succeed in your academic and professional endeavors. Take a closer look at some of the ways our career support services can help you achieve your career dreams. 

Technology Support

As a college student, you rely on technology every day to complete assignments and stay connected with your peers and professors. Discover the ways our technology resources can make your college experience smoother and more successful. 

Transfer Support

Planning on transferring to a different institution after attending San Jac? From academic advising to transfer credit evaluation, we offer guidance and assistance as you navigate the transfer process.

Veteran Support

If you are a veteran or a current member of the military who is considering attending San Jac, we offer resources specifically designed to help you transition to student life.
San Jacinto College Student

Let's Get Personal

College can be a time of personal growth and exploration, but it can also feel challenging and stressful. San Jac offers personal and health resources to help you stay healthy and happy throughout your college experience. 

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