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Dual Credit Admission

Discover the incredible benefits of San Jac’s Dual Credit program, designed to help ambitious high school students get a head start on their college education. Earn both high school and college credits simultaneously, save money with discounted tuition, and experience exceptional education at one of the nation's top community colleges.

High School Students

Dual credit at San Jacinto College enables students to earn both high school and college credits simultaneously, potentially graduating with 24+ college credit hours and benefiting from a 75% tuition discount. Early admission is another concurrent enrollment option but without the tuition discount.
  • Fast-track your degree - Breeze through your bachelor's degree by earning up to a year of college credit while still in high school, catapulting you ahead of your peers.
  • Pocket the savings - Experience the remarkable affordability of community colleges and take advantage of San Jacinto College's amazing 75% tuition discount on dual credit courses.
  • Immerse yourself in excellence - Join the ranks of students at one of the nation's top community colleges and learn from exceptional, award-winning faculty in intimate class settings.
  • Effortless transfers - Enjoy seamless academic credit transfers to Texas public universities and potentially to private or out-of-state institutions. Remember to confirm transferability with the receiving institution for your major and degree.
  • Cultivate confidence - Navigate the college journey with ease as our dual credit program equips you with a robust support system, empowering you to thrive as a successful student.


Prior to completing the admission process at San Jacinto College, students should meet with their high school counselor for additional details regarding how to register for dual credit courses.
Here's what you need to do to participate:

  1. Apply online and get an SJC Student ID (G-Number).
    • Apply at Be sure to complete the profile and the application!
    • Your application will be processed within 72 hours. After that, you'll be emailed your San Jac Student ID (example: G0100123).
  2.  Meet the Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA) requirements.
    • An exemption permanently exempts a student from taking the TSIA.
    • All students must take the TSIA or prove an exemption in reading, writing, and math.
    • Testing may be available at your high school.
    • Find further details about the TSIA
  3.  Submit proof of or exemption from Bacterial Meningitis vaccination.
  4.  Register for classes.
    • Web registration is not available for dual credit students. To register, complete a Dual Credit form with your high school counselor.
    • Turn the completed, signed, form into the Dual Credit Office or your high school counselor.
  5.  Pay tuition.
    • To remain in your classes, you must pay your portion of tuition and fees by the college's posted deadline.
    • Payment can be made through your My San Jac Student Portal or in-person at the college's Business Office. Installment plans are available.
    • Some schools cover these costs for students. Check with your counselor for further information.
    • Students may be eligible for the FAST program that covers all their dual credit coursework. See below for more details.
  6.  Prepare for class.
    • Get your San Jac ID card from the Admissions Office.
    • Get your San Jac parking permit from the Business Office.
    • Purchase textbooks from the San Jac bookstore or your preferred retailer.
    • Set up your Blackboard account and connect your Blackboard account
  7. Complete the Online Dual Credit / Early College High School orientation.
    • You need your San Jac student ID number to log in for orientation.

Experience the Dual Credit Advantage

Maximize your time and efforts with our dual credit program, allowing you to complete up to a year of college credit while still in high school. Enjoy the flexibility of taking two courses per semester and the opportunity to earn additional credits during the summer.
Dual Credit Students with Dual Credit Instructor
As a graduating senior who has completed Dual Credit courses, congrats! To continue your academic journey, follow these steps.
Dual Credit Student with Parent
Dual credit at San Jacinto College allows your child to earn both high school and college credits simultaneously, potentially graduating with 24+ college credit hours.
Dual Credit Students in Class
The Early College High School (ECHS) initiative offers a four-year, open-enrollment program that allows students to earn up to 60 college credits tuition-free while in high school, focusing on supporting historically underserved and at-risk students.
Explore your options and how to enroll as a dual credit student.
High school counselor

High School Counselors

San Jac is excited to partner with high school counselors to help with all things dual credit.

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