The College created a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) designed to enhance students’ critical thinking skills, such as reflecting on specific activities in their classes and at school events. Our plan is titled, Thinking and Beyond: Critical Thinking at San Jacinto College.


The QEP is part of our 10-year recertification process with our accrediting agency, the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges Commission on Colleges SACSCOC.

Employers actively seek job applicants who can troubleshoot issues, solve problems, and think critically in any environment. The QEP responds to this need by creating an innovative culture of critical thinking. The QEP topic recognizes that students live and work in an environment of change and driven by ideas. Faculty in all subjects make lessons and activities that help students think better in specific classes, in the workplace, and in other life situations.  

How does the QEP help our students? 

The QEP engages the College community to enhance development of critical thinking skills and habits of mind. We want students to be able to use critical thinking in three important areas:

  • When they're studying at the College and when they transfer to another school
  • When they're working by using skills such as solving problems and troubleshooting
  • In their everyday lives by practicing critical thinking skills

What will the QEP do to help them? 

Participating faculty can pick from different projects. The main ones are: 

  • Using a tested critical thinking model
  • Learning a set of tools including concept mapping to help with analyzing problems
  • Reflecting on a collection of relevant thinking resources on the internet

Instructors can also come up with their own projects or use ones made by other faculty


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