Fire Academy Students

Texas Commission Fire Protection (TCFP) Exam

We're here to help you on your journey to becoming a fire protection professional and as you continue your career. San Jac offers proctored testing to help you earn certifications with the Texas Commission on Fire Protection (TCFP).

Fire Academy

Become a Firefighter at San Jacinto

Is being a firefighter your calling? Our college offers three different educational programs for aspiring and current firefighters.

Available Tests

Each of these exams can be taken at any San Jac testing center.

Code Examination Time Allowed

Structure fire Suppression: Combined (FF1 & FF2, AW & OPS)

270 min
FF1 Firefighter I 120 min
FF2 Firefighter II 90 min
AW HazMat Awareness 30 min
OPS HazMat Operations 30 min
HZMT Hazardous Materials Technician 60 min
INSP_wPE1 Fire Inspector: Combined (INSP1 & INSP2, PE1) 180 min
INSP Fire Inspector (INSP1 & INSP2) 120 min
INSP1 Inspector I 60 min
INSP2 Inspector II 60 min
PE1 Plans Examiner I 60 min
ARFF Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting 90 min
INV Arson/Fire Investigator 90 min
MAR Marine FireFighter 60 min
DOP Driver/Operator – Pumper 60 min
DOA Driver/Operator – Aerial 60 min
OFF1 Fire Officer I 60 min
OFF2 Fire Officer II 60 min
OFF3 Fire Officer III 60 min
OFF4 Fire Officer IV 60 min
INST1 Instructor I 60 min
INST2 Instructor II 60 min
INST3 Instructor III 60 min
ISO Incident Safety Officer 60 min
BWFF Basic Wildland FireFighter 60 min
FLSE1 Fire and Life Safety Educator I 60 min
FLSE2 Fire and Life Safety Educator II 60 min
IC Incident Commander 60 min


Schedule Your Test

Follow these steps to register, schedule, and prepare for your test.
  1. Register on TCFP

    Visit the TCFP Website to obtain an Online Exam Eligibility Form at FIDO. If you have any questions, contact training approval and testing at

    Reminder: TCFP does not allow any certification testing outside of the state of Texas.

  2. Schedule Your Test

    Once you’re ready to take the test, schedule your test at one of the campus testing centers below. For your best chance to take the test before the deadline, please submit your request early.

    Central Campus

    Generation Park

    North Campus

    South Campus

  3. Be Prepared on Test Day

    When you are ready to test, be sure to have:

    • Your government-issued photo ID (driver's license, passport, etc.) 
    • Your TCFP Online Exam Eligibility Form (must match your ID)
    • $20 for the proctoring fee*
    *If you are a currently enrolled cadet with San Jac's Firefighter Training Academy, you are exempt from paying the $20 testing fee owed to San Jac. 

    Note: this does not include any fees owed to TCFP and assessed through FIDO accounts. If you're a current cadet, please speak with your instructor about which test(s) is appropriate for you.

Misconduct and Infraction Guidelines

San Jac’s Testing Centers have a responsibility to faculty and students to respond to any infractions that may occur. We administer TCFP under the policy, rules and guidelines set forth by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection.


At the time of your appointment, report to the Testing Center on the campus where you prefer to test. Contact the location if you have any questions.

CAmpus Address Phone Email
Central Welcome Center C27.2200, 2nd Floor  281-998-6150 x 2025
North Welcome Center N6.220, 2nd Floor 281-998-6150 x 2347
South Welcome Center S6.220, 2nd Floor  281-998-6150 x 3433
Generation Park G2. 115 281-998-6150 x 8129