The Texas Campus Carry law allows people with a valid License to Carry permit to conceal carry handguns in designated areas within the campuses. Here is important information about the Campus Carry law and how it impacts the San Jacinto College community. 


Campus Carry Law

Senate Bill 11 from the 86th Texas Legislature allows the concealed carrying of handguns by License to Carry holders on the campuses of certain institutions for higher education, including San Jacinto College. This is commonly known as the “Campus Carry” law.

Facts About Campus Carry

Carrying is a personal decision and is not endorsed by the College. Individuals assume personal liability for any injury or damages resulting from use of their handgun. Open Carry and Constitutional Carry are NOT permitted.


  • Concealed carrying of handguns by license to carry holders on campuses of higher education.
  • Limitation of handguns on campus after consultation with faculty, staff, and students, but can’t ban handguns altogether.
  • Designation of specific locations on campus where guns will NOT be allowed. 


  • Open carrying of firearms at ALL institutions.
    • Intentionally revealing a firearm on campus may result in disciplinary actions and/or criminal charges.
    • Intentionally or unintentionally discharging a weapon on campus may be grounds for disciplinary actions and/or criminal charges.
  • Restriction of carrying a handgun in a person’s car if that person holds a concealed handgun license.


  • President (Chancellor) shall establish rules, regulations, or other provisions regarding the carrying of concealed handguns on campus.
    • Must consult with students, staff, and faculty.
  • College CANNOT establish rules that prohibit license to carry holders from carrying concealed handguns.


  • Institutions of higher education or its officers from being held liable for damages caused by a person authorized to carry a concealed handgun.


  • Handgun prohibited areas are designated by notices or 30.06 signs.
  • Referred to as Gun-Free areas in SJC Campus Carry Policy


If you see someone with a Weapon on campus:

  • Be a good witness
  • Avoid escalating the situation
  • Do not confront the individual(s)

San Jac Police Department Need to Know:

  • Type of Incident
  • Specific location(s)
  • Description of person(s) suspect(s)/vehicle/weapon
  • Think top down: race, gender, clothing, and other descriptive information. 

Remember, we can’t help if we don’t know.

Exclusion Zones

While licensed handgun owners are allowed to carry their guns on campus, there are restricted areas. Certain areas are temporarily prohibited while others are permanently restricted. Texas Penal Code 30.06 requires that notices be given to license to carry holders. Click on the links below to learn the exclusion zones for each campus. 
Central Campus Permanent Exclusion Campus Carry Zones
North Campus Permanent Exclusion Campus Carry Zones
South Campus Permanent Exclusion Campus Carry Zones
Generation Park Campus Permanent Exclusion Campus Carry Zones

Permanent Exclusion Zones

  • Laboratories
  • Testing Centers
  • Child Care Centers
  • Patient Care Areas
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Formal Hearing Areas
  • Early College High Schools

Temporary Exclusion Zones

  • Pk-12 School Sponsored Activities
  • Polling Places
  • Sporting/Interscholastic Events

For more detailed information please refer to the District’s Campus Carry policy and associated policy.

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