honors contracts

Honors Contracts

An honors contract is a plan of study that simulates, as much as possible, the experience of honors coursework. Can't find a course or section that's offered? Is there a particular subject you want to explore? Consider creating a contract to make any of your courses an honors-level course.

Guidelines for Honors Contracts

Novel and creative approaches to subject matter are highly encouraged! At the same time, you’ll want to know this information before you decide whether or not an Honors Contract is right for you.

To create a valid Honors Contract, you must:

  • Be in a face-to-face course. Contracts cannot be created for online courses.
  • Be approved by the Honors Coordinator on your campus.
  • Take responsibility to develop the project.  You, the student, should take the initiative in the development of the project with guidance from your professor.
  • Remember that professors are under no obligation to agree to an Honors contract in their class.
  • Only attempt two contracts per semester.  
  • Only earn credit in one course per contract.
  • Meet all deadlines as stipulated in the contract instructions
  • Complete all requirements in class, earn an A or B in the class, and complete the contract to your professor’s satisfaction to earn Honors credit.

In order for a contract to be accepted and fulfilled, you must:

  • Allow the student to take initiative in the development of the project with your guidance.
  • Hold regular meetings between you and the student to discuss progress and obstacles.
  • Be prepared to go above and beyond the usual course requirements.

To submit your proposal, you must:

  • Have a typed version of all of the required forms.
  • Complete the cover sheet.
  • Include a copy of the course syllabus.
  • Obtain all required signatures.
  • Turn in a hard copy of all required materials to the honors coordinator on your campus by the deadline.

How to Create an Honors Contract

Honors contracts follow the same criteria as honors courses. Proposals are accepted based on the Oxford-Tutorial and the Cambridge-Supervision learning models. Projects, research, service learning, and other activities should be a collaborative effort between you and your professor. The scope and depth of your proposal should be work not covered in the regular curriculum. Follow these steps to develop a contract. 
  1. Meet With Your Campus Coordinator

    Read through the instructions for creating an honors contract. Then speak to the Honors Coordinator on your campus and inform him/her of your intention to pursue an Honors contract for the semester. Let the Coordinator know which class and professor you want to approach for the honors contract.

  2. Meet with Your Professor

    Attend the class for a week, familiarize yourself with the course syllabus, and formulate project ideas you can discuss with the professor. Then make an appointment with your professor to discuss your ideas and give them the instructions for faculty. Be punctual and prepared for the discussion. The contract project, and the decision to allow you to complete an honors contract, is up to your professor. It is your responsibility to develop the contract and project — not your professor’s.

  3. Complete and Submit the Proposal

    Once you have your professor’s approval, complete and submit the contract proposal form by the deadline. Submit the contract to the Honors Coordinator on the campus where the course is being taught. 

  4. Await Review

    Your proposal will be reviewed twice to ensure that all contracts adhere to the program standards for rigor and quality. The first review is through the Honors Contract Committee. The second review is the District Honors Contract Committee.

  5. Fulfill Your Proposal

    Over the semester, you’ll work to complete your proposal. Set up a regular meeting with your professor to track your progress and discuss any obstacles that come up. Once your project is complete, consider presenting at a conference such as the National Conference of Undergraduate Research or the Great Plains Honors Conference. 

Meet Your Campus Coordinator

Dillon Miller 

Central Campus

Dillon Miller
Email: Dillon.Miller@sjcd.edu  
Phone: (281) 998-6150 ext. 1662
Dr. Abbie Grubb

South Campus

Dr. Abbie Grubb
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Cody Pogue

North Campus

Cody Pogue
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honors program director

Eddie Weller

Dr. Eddie Weller
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