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Tuition and Costs

We make tuition as easy as possible with our simplified tuition model. You pay a per-credit rate based on residency status, which includes all student fees.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question not covered here, please contact us at 281-998-6150 or for one-on-one assistance.
Under our simplified tuition model, one set amount will be charged per semester credit hour based on a student’s residency with no additional fees. That means you do not pay additional fees such as:
  • Lab Fees
  • General Service Fee
  • Distance Learning Fee
  • Technology Fee
  • Course Fees
  • Incidental Fees

The following charges will still be billed when appropriate:

  • Installment Payment Plan, including charges for setup and late payments
  • Charge for Returned Checks
  • Testing Charge for repeat Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSI tests), after the first test is administered at no charge
  • Charge for delinquent accounts sent to Collection Agencies
  • On-Campus Meningitis Shots
  • Parking violations
  • Library fines

Yes. The cost of course materials–including textbooks and special supplies–are the responsibility of the student. The College bookstore provides book rentals and sells new and used books and course materials. If you enroll in a course designated as Open Books Plus, there will be an associated charge for digital course materials that will be available on the first day of the class at the lowest market cost. 

Some programs have additional costs, such as uniforms, equipment, clinicals, software, background checks, and other program-specific costs that are the student’s responsibility.

Find information about which status you qualify for on our Residency page

Here is an estimate of what it might cost an international student to attend San Jac for one year.
Fall and Spring:
Tuition: $6,690
Books/Materials/Supplies/Equipment: $1,460
Living Expenses (food and housing): $18,971
Transportation: $1,870
Personal Miscellaneous Expenses: $2,430
Total: $31,421

Students will pay the same tuition rate to audit a course that they would pay to take the course for credit, based on residency. If interested in auditing a course, please visit with the Admissions Office

Simply log in to SOS, then go to Student Account Summary. Select Pay Now and a new window will open to the TouchNet payment portal. 


Costs Per Academic Year

The cost for completing one academic year (30 credit hours)

In-District Out-of-District Out-of-State
Full-Time Tuition $2,490 $4,320 $6,690
FEES $0 $0 $0
Books Materials Supplies & Equipment $1,460 $1,460 $1,460
Living Expenses (Food & Housing) $18,971 $18,971 $18,971
Transportation $1,870 $1,870 $1,870
Personal Miscellaneous Exp. $2,430 $2,430 $2,430
Total Expenses $27,221 $29,051 $31,421


Tuition Cost Calculator

Explore the Texas tuition cost calculator.

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