San Jacinto College Student

Submitting Your Transcript

We offer several ways to submit official transcripts to San Jac: in person, through the mail, and electronically. Here, we guide you through each process.

Three Ways to Submit Official Transcripts

You can take classes at San Jac for one semester without submitting your official transcript. Financial aid will not be awarded, however, until all official transcripts are received.

Through the Mail

Transcripts can be mailed to:

San Jacinto College

Records Management

13735 Beamer Road

Houston, TX 77089

To be considered official, college transcripts must be mailed from your institution within 60 days of the print day.


San Jac accepts electronic transcripts from the following companies:

  • Parchment
  • National Student Clearinghouse (NSC)

Transcripts emailed to San Jac are not accepted.

In Person

Unopened transcripts can be hand-delivered to the Admissions office at the nearest San Jacinto College campus. See office locations below. To be considered official, transcripts submitted in person must be in a sealed envelope from the issuing school. College transcripts must be issued within 60 days. High school transcripts can be issued at any time, as long as they remain sealed.

What Kind of Transcript Do I Need?

Students must request all official transcripts from high school and/or all colleges/universities attended. Here’s what you’ll need.

You only need to submit a transcript from the school that awarded the degree, plus transcripts of any credit you earned after that. 

Please make an official request to have San Jacinto College evaluate your transfer college transcripts to determine what courses will transfer by scheduling a virtual appointment or calling 281-998-6150. Transcripts must be received and on file with San Jac before students may submit an evaluation request.

If you are a traditional high school graduate, San Jac requires your official final transcript showing your graduation date. Contact your high school counselor to request that your official transcript be sent to San Jac.

If you are a GED recipient or HiSET recipient, San Jac requires proof that you earned your GED or successfully completed HiSET. Certificates and transcripts can be requested from the Texas Education Agency. If applicable, students must request high school equivalency transcripts from out of state be sent officially in a sealed envelope from the state of origin.

For homeschool graduates, San Jacinto College requires your official final transcript, showing your graduation date and the Verification of Home School Completion Form. Both documents must be signed by the same individual.  

You must submit an official college transcript along with your official final high school transcript. Contact your high school counselor to find out how you can request your official transcript to be sent to San Jacinto College. Also reach out to your community college to find out how you can request your official transcript be sent to San Jac.

All foreign transcripts must be evaluated by an approved third-party evaluation agency. For an approved list, visit International Transcript Evaluation Services

Evaluated transcript evaluations do not have a time limit and can be submitted in person to the Admissions Office at the nearest San Jacinto College campus. You may be able to submit your transcript evaluation electronically if it is complete and you can verify its authenticity. 

It will be up to the advisor or educational planner to accept it; please schedule a virtual appointment with an advisor or educational planner to discuss this before you email your documents.

Admissions Office Locations

Central Campus Generation Park Campus Maritime Campus North Campus South Campus

Welcome Center, C-27.1100




Administration Building, M-1


Welcome Center, N-6.120


Welcome Center, S-6.160


281-998-6350 x7678

281-459-5483 281-998-6150 281-998-6150