We Are Ravens: Mascot History and Selection

Jan 2, 2024Courtney Morris
San Jacinto College's mascot Poe the Raven makes his debut

More than 60 years ago, San Jacinto College students chose the Raven as the College’s original mascot — after General Sam Houston, who led the Texian Army to victory at the Battle of San Jacinto. Houston’s Cherokee nickname “Colonneh” translated as “The Raven.”

As the College grew to include nationally-ranked athletics teams across its campuses, it welcomed the North Campus Gators and South Campus Coyotes.

One College ... One Mascot

Poe the Raven
Now with the Maritime and Generation Park Campuses, we are five campuses strong with multiple extension centers. As one College, we wanted to unify under one mascot representing our past, our future, and our diverse community.

In fall 2022, the entire San Jac community teamed together to choose the mascot and its name. More than 1,700 students, employees, and community members submitted mascot ideas, with the Raven and Jaguar vying for the top two spots. But when 6,200 people cast their votes in a second round, the Raven soared to the top.

Why the Raven? These smart birds can mimic other birds’ calls and even repeat some human words. They represent resourcefulness, wisdom, adaptability, and opportunity.

Not only does the new Raven connect students, employees, alumni, and the community to our storied past, but it also represents rebirth and new traditions.

Name That Bird

Poe the Raven's name tag
One last thing: The Raven needed a name.

In spring 2023, students submitted names for a final community vote. Once again, the competition was on. Would it be Edgar, Jack, Maverick, Poe, or Sam?

Playful, fierce, and intelligent like a real raven, our new mascot nods to Edgar Allan Poe’s famous poem “The Raven.”

San Jac, we introduce your new mascot: Poe the Raven. Nameless here nevermore!

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