Student veterans honored for military service

Nov 14, 2022Courtney Morris
Veterans Day scholarships

"Duty, honor, country." With those words, Gen. Douglas MacArthur rallied military cadets 60 years ago. On Nov. 11, San Jacinto College honored veterans who, in MacArthur's words, have chosen the "stress and spur of difficulty and challenge" over comfort.

The Veterans Day ceremony at the South Campus recognized San Jac students and employees who have served in the armed forces. Eight veteran students also received San Jacinto College Foundation scholarships:

  • Central Campus: Amber Molina and Bach Cao, both U.S. Navy
  • South Campus: Joshua Lister, U.S. Army and Navy, and Henry Balerio, U.S. Navy
  • North Campus: Curtis Thompson and Lydell Smith, both U.S. Navy
  • Maritime Campus: Noe Garcia, U.S. Air Force
  • Generation Park Campus: Adrian Martinez, U.S. Army

"We can never repay our debt to the men and women who have served our country," said Holly Morrison, manager of veteran services. "They deserve our lasting respect and gratitude."

The Veterans Day celebration continued with receptions and honor walls at campus veteran centers.

Veterans Day 2022

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