BSN students graduate in first class

Mar 1, 2022Neesha Hosein
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San Jacinto College saw its first Bachelor of Science in Nursing graduates walk across the stage at the 2021 fall commencement ceremony, making them part of a College milestone.

Kriselda Stephen, one of the honored BSN graduates, felt a sense of accomplishment completing the program, as it has been her longtime goal. Stephen feels more advanced in her career and looks forward to new opportunities, namely in leadership roles.

"My experience with learning is always filled with eagerness," Stephen said. "I really enjoyed the research parts of the program, finding out new things relating to health care that affect people across the world."

Her fondest program memories include meeting new people and finding things they had in common. She enjoyed learning from others, sharing thoughts and experiences on their discussion board. Another highlight was working with her group and pulling together their strengths to complete projects and assignments. Stephen looks forward to the future.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Graduates


"Next, my major plan is to embark on my own business in senior care living," she said. "More seniors are looking for a family-type setting toward the end of life instead of the traditional nursing home."

Outside career and future planning, Stephen likes to sing, dance, and do DIY projects.

Jermeece Augustine, another 2021 commencement participant, felt "relieved and so accomplished" because earning the BSN opens doors for many opportunities in the nursing field.

"I was very blessed to have a great experience at the BSN program," Augustine said. "I had so much support from my professor and from my colleagues. It was such a great experience that I have shared it with many of my coworkers. A couple of them are now in the very same program."

Her fondest memory was the capstone final presentation in which they all created PowerPoints and large posters on a research topic and presented their work at a reception on campus.

"It was so great to see what my fellow classmates worked so hard on during the semester," Augustine said. "It was a great opportunity to share our work and fellow interests in nursing research. I can see so many of us further advancing the nursing profession through our innovative ideas that were shared through our final presentation."

Augustine hopes to continue advancing her career by exploring other specialties in her field, particularly critical care. She plans to pursue a master's degree in nursing and someday teach and participate in medical research.

She advises future BSN students to "work hard but enjoy the experience because it will fly by." She also recommends to stay on top of assignments and reach out to fellow classmates, who are a great resource aside from the professors.

Outside her nursing career, Augustine is into fitness.

"The same week I started the BSN program was the same week I joined a new gym and started my own fitness journey," she said. "During the year of the BSN program, I lost 30 pounds, and I am currently in the best shape of my life."

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