Honors Scholarships

Honors Scholarships

Take advantage of scholarship opportunities created specifically for honor students like you! Complete the application and compete for up to $750 each semester!

How to Apply

Follow these steps to complete your honors scholarship application. The deadline to apply for the Honors Scholarship for Fall 2024 is July 31, 2024.
  1. Complete the FAFSA

    Fill out a FAFSA for the next school year. Please note that the FAFSA process can take weeks to process. If you do not apply for FAFSA you may still apply for our scholarship.

  2. Save Your Student Aid Report

    After your FAFSA processes, log in to your FAFSA. At the bottom of the My FAFSA page, you should see a link that says Student Aid Report (PDF). Click the link and you will be asked to type in your PIN for verification. The Student Aid report should come up in a new window. Save this PDF to your computer.

  3. Complete the General Scholarship Application

    Sign in to the scholarship application with your G number and SOS password on the Foundation Scholarship page. Fill out the application with as much information as you can. Upload your FAFSA Student Aid Report that you downloaded in the last step. Submit the General Scholarship Application.

  4. Complete the Honors Scholarship Application

    On the Foundations Scholarship Opportunities page, search for the Honors Scholarship. Fill out the application. You will be asked to write a one to three-page essay answering 1 of the 3 prompt questions. When you are finished, submit.

Opportunity Lies Ahead

Honors Scholarship Recipient Sadokat Khakimova
I wanted to go someplace where I didn’t know anyone, and I wanted to experience a more independent lifestyle. I found out that San Jacinto College was a Top 10 community college in the nation and had really great transfer opportunities with partnering universities.”
Footsteps To Follow
Honors Scholarship Recipient
Upon arriving at San Jac from Uzbekistan, Khakimova found a great rhythm. Shortly after her first semester, she received an invitation to join the Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) International Honor Society. She has since been named a Guistwhite Scholar, Oberndorf Scholar, Walter B. Cooper Scholar, and a Jack Kent Cooke Scholar — all with respective scholarships.

Get In Touch

If you have questions about your application, reach out to us. We’re here to help.
Gloria Ramirez
Coord, Scholarship Accounting
(281) 991-2632
Eddie Weller
Director, Honors Program
(281) 998-6150x3505